Bad Mommy. Bad kid. Bad dog. Overall, a bad day!

Actually, the day was going well until 2PM. The phone rang in my office and all my work on a conference marketing piece was shot to he.ll. By the bossman. Whatever. After a 30 minute discussion about the term "Hot-lanta" (apparently he has NEVER heard that term used in relation to that specific GA city---WHAT!?), I won and the postcard will be printed as I designed it. HA!

I left my Blac.kberr.y on my desk. In my office. Too far away to run back to pick up tonight.

And then I picked Grace up to go to the mall. Hubby and I planned for a family outing to the mall for the specific purpose of getting me prescription sunglasses (these are the frames I am getting---they rock!). I was going to have to manage my eye appointment on my own with Grace and Bill was meeting us for the glasses purchase.

We never made it. I had to cancel the appointment.

Grace flipped out. Crying. Screaming. Sitting on the ground kicking. Causing the biggest scene every where we went in that mall. She hasnt done that in a long time and this was a bad one. So bad that at one point I simply stood in front of her as she screamed and cried wondering what to do. All I could think about was how much I just wanted to go home. I was at a complete loss. I felt like a bad mommy---wanted to just walk away in that moment and not knowing what to do with my own kid!

For the first time in a LONG time, I found a pay phone (yep, they still exist!) to call Hubby. I cancelled my appointment and walked back to my car with a screaming 4 year old trailing behind me. Completely mortifying.

I have never been so upset and genuinely mad at my daughter. Once home, I handed her over to Hubby. She ate dinner and went right to bed.

Well.................while she was eating dinner, I sat on the couch. And looked at the floor where I saw Cinderella. She was missing her left arm. It was in pieces all over the place. Damn dog!!!! This is the 2nd Bar.bie doll she has eaten in the past month. Every other day or so, she picks something to chew....at least it wasnt the trash like it normally is. But it was NOT what I needed this evening.

As Hubby put the kid to bed, I went to the Evi.l Emp.ire (you know, the store that starts with W and ends with -Mart) to replace the doll. After the day I had today, I had no intention of starting tomorrow with a tantrum over Cinderella's arm.

And to end it all, the Capitals lost Game 7...because they got a penalty during overtime. STUPID hock.ey players.

ARGH---I need a glass of wine. We will try the trip to the mall again and I will pray that this day never ever repeats.


TeamWinks said...

I am so sorry about your bad day. It sounds as if it wasn't one thing it was another. Thank God for only 24 hours in one day, right?

Hoping for a better day for you today!

Bri said...

ROTFL - not at you but with you :) We have had a couple of knock down fits ourselves. They are completely mortifying but 99.9% of kids do it to their parents at least once so you're surrounded by other people who've at least seen it if not experienced it. I had a lady ask me if Ash was 2 as I was carrying her out of a store while screaming. :) So people have been there.

And wouldn't you know it - we have the SAME BARBIE! Although ours still has both arms.

Happy Wednesday - it can only get better :)

Laura said...

Oh, I have so much to look forward to!!