3 Week Notice

Normally, I head to the gym at 5:00AM (or thereabouts!) and then go to the office. Hubby does the morning routine with Grace and drops her off at day care. I do the afternoon pickup.

But today was different. We both did the morning dropoff.

And when we arrived at daycare, we gave Afg.hani our 3 week notice. Grace is starting preschool on May 12.

I made Hubby do all the talking this morning so I wouldnt start crying. Tears did come but they were minor and I was able to keep myself together.

There are so many emotions wrapped up in this daycare transition. Sad because Afghan.i has been so good to Grace and to us for the past 4 years. Anxious about the transition because Grace has only ever known Afg.hani's day care. She started there when she was 13 weeks old and has grown up with Afgh.ani and the kids at day care. Excited because of all the new experiences Grace will have at preschool. She is pretty psyched that there is a book corner, circle time, and the best of all.....bikes on the playground!

We really lucked out when we found Afg.hani 4 years ago. As a new mom, I was scared to leave my precious baby with someone while I worked all day long. But from the first time I met her, Afgh.ani was so loving and gentle with the kids. As an infant, Grace spent her days cuddled in her arms or playing with the other infants at the house. It was as close to being at home with me as possible.

You hear the horror stories about bad daycare situations all the time. But ours was perfect. Grace was surrounded with a second family for the first 4 years while we were at the office. Hubby and I both could rest easy knowing they treated her as one of their own children and that she wsa safe there.

But it is time to move on. To go to preschool. To be a "big kid".


Bri said...

I can't believe they have bikes on thier playground. That's awesome.

I know you agonized over how to do this and when to do it, but it's done.

Deep breath - and roll on :)

-L said...

I bet it feels good now that you gave the notice though. I know that's been weighing on you guys.

But just think, no more random "I'm taking a 2 week vacation have fun trying to figure out what to do with Grace while I'm gone" issues.


So-Called Supermom said...

Funny you say that L. That is why we called the preschool yesterday to ask for a start date now. :)