Shaking in my Heels!

Once we gave notice at ‘Gha.ni’s, I started planning Grace’s new preschool schedule immediately.

Would we stay with the same drop-off/pick-up schedule? The hours are longer at this place so we could change what we do. But should we?

What will she wear on her first day at the new place? Isnt that silly to think about? Just one of those things that crossed my mind.

Payment is weekly now, not monthly. Is that good? Wonder how long that will take to adjust to.

This morning, I called the new place…let’s call it GP from now on (as in Grace’s Preschool)……to talk about tomorrow. See, her start date isn’t until May 12 but we get one free trial day to test it out and for us, tomorrow is that big day.

Grace is actually pretty excited. She has mentioned over and over again that they have lots of books and a play kitchen and they do circle time and they even have bikes outside! She is ready to go.

I am terrified of tomorrow.

Will she make friends? Will they like her? Will she cry when Hubby and I walk out the door? Will she even care that we walked out the door? What if she cries during the day---those people don’t know her yet. What if some other little snotty nosed kid is mean to her? Does she even realize that making this change means her day care friends wont be there in the morning now? What about her daily blueberry muffin she is used to each morning at ‘Ghan.i’s --- does she know that GP may or may not have that tomorrow?

She is excited but me, the mom who is supposed to hold it together and be strong and know how to handle it all……yep, that me……terrified of tomorrow.

I think I will just hide behind the sunglasses so no one will see the tears in my eyes.....those of fear and those of sadness as my baby goes to preschool!!!

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Bri said...

I'd hold your hand tomorrow if I could :)