The Scale MUST Be Lying!

Okay, so I PROMISE to not post only about this Wei.ght Watch.ers adventure Hubby and I are on but seriously....why do men lose weight so fast compared to women!?

I lost 1 lb last week and 2 lb this week. All the 5AM alarm clocks and time at the gym on the ellpitical or treadmill or in kick bo.xing. I lost 3 lbs total.

Hubby has lost 7 lbs!!!! I am really proud of him but damn. I hate being behind on a competition. Its just my nature...right or wrong.

Another promise....I havent posted in ages but that will change. I have things to post about; just havent found any time to get to the web after work.


Bri said...

new website?! WOot!

Congratulations on the weight loss!!!

When we got sick (right when we moved) I lost 8 lbs during that hell and let me tell you Ken's...are you ready? Can you handle it? 19LBS! 19 POUNDS!

Just another reason men suck. Except this one is a big big big reason.

So-Called Supermom said...

Ummm, where did Ken lost the weight??!!?

I am gonna have to step up my workouts to keep up with Hubby.....kick boxing here I come!

TeamWinks said...

I like the new look over here! I think you should blog about the weight loss. We'll be here on the sidelines cheering you on! When competing with hubby, you should go by percentage of body weight lost. That's more fair.