Yep, that's right. Hubby and I are living our lives according to the Points Cal.culator.

Its harder than I thought it would be, actually.

I am hungry. And when I get hungry, I get irritated and cranky. I am NO fun to be around like that.

This weekend is the first real test of willpower. Sup.er Bow.l Sunday on WW!? Are we crazy? Hubby and I have been hoarding our flex points so that we can drink them during the game.

In the same category........I joined a gym yesterday. Membership starts today. Even though the weekend is packed between bridesma.id dress shopping and Sup.er Bow.l party prep, I am vowing to make it to the gym once this weekend.

I havent worked out in ages. Spurts here and there since I had Grace but no consistency. This should be interesting.

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Bri said...

God be with you my child :P