You Know You Are Old When.....

A friend of mine from high school.....elementary school, in fact, is actually making it in the LA music scene as a DJ. His resume boasts working with so many fabulous artists, including Bust.a Rhy.mes, Ru.n D.MC, and Bla.ck Eye.d P.eas. He is amazing.
I happened to see him a few months ago when another high school friend came to visit us in NoVA. He is still the super nice guy he always was in school, just a whole lot more famous!

And this weekend (starting tonight through Saturday night) he is in DC playing at a few of the clubs around here. I have an open invite to send him an email to get on the guestlist.
Know what the first thing I thought of when I got the show announcement today? Not "Well damn, I already have plans this weekend" or "Too bad its too far away".
My first thoought was "Oh, I'm a mom. I can'f go to that club anymore."

I am old.

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Allie said...

HA! I hear you, but at least you have a kid. I would just think "wow, it probaly won't even start until late". That being said, if you want to go for a little bit I'll be happy to keep you company...you know, for the sake of relieving our "youth"