Snow Day!

Not really 'cause we still had to go to work but it did snow today. And then it rained and sleeted and snowed again and then rained.

It was gross.

But in between the nasty weather, there were some fun times with Grace and Polly. The roads were in terrible shape coming home and even now, at 11 PM, the plows have not been seen on my street. Nothing new but annoying just the same.

Grace loved standing in the middle of the front yard snacking on the newly fallen snow. Then after she was done with her snow-snack, she threw the snowball in the air for Polly to catch. Polly is an adorable dog but I am starting to question the IQ of this dog; she went nuts in the snow, searching for the "ball" Grace threw to her when it fell on the ground. After she got tired of looking for the lost snowball, she walked around in circles licking the top of the snow.

Polly hanging out in the snow. She chased snowballs and snacked on the snow with Grace.

She just loved it!

Grace and Polly sharing a Snowball snack.


TeamWinks said...

How fun!

-L said...

Too cute :) Polly looks bigger than when we saw her last!

Bri said...

Polly is enormo-dog!!!