The Weekend that was NOT relaxing

This was the first weekend in a long time that there was nothing on the calendar. The only place we had to be at a certain time was Grace's ballet class on Saturday morning. Other than that, it was all ours! How great does that sound!?

Well, Polly had other ideas. Friday night marked the beginning and end of this nice relaxing weekend.

I spent Friday night cleaning the walls of the hallway, the floor of the bathroom, the carpet upstairs, and even parts of the ceiling in the upstairs hall. I did however discover a great way to get bl.ood out of carpets without replacing the carpet....50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Spray until the spot is soaked and then pat (do NOT rub) until the stain has lifted. Then steam clean over the spots and vaumn. Carpet is almost perfect!!

How did all this happen?

Polly got an ear wound. We dont know how but it looks like she may have been laying on the deck and her ear fell between the boards and was cut when she jumped up.

$500 later, she is feeling a little better, the carpet is almost fixed, and Grace's Pot.tery Bar.n quilt is at the dry cleaners (I continue to pray they can get the blood stains out of it!).

Polly is very embarassed at her current state of being. Its not a look that is good on her; the lampshade trend is SOOOOO last year!!


-L said...

Poor little thing! They always look so pathetic with that cone.

Glad it's nothing too serious but ouch on the cost of it!

Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Poor Polly!

Poor YOU!

TeamWinks said...

I am so trying not to laugh at poor Polly!