What's A Weekend?!

Did this week feel incredibly long to you too?

It was the first full week of work since late December. And I spent as much time working on my volunteer positions as I did on real work and family time.

And now this weekend, I am in Ann.apolis facilitating a study group for my profession's credential. Another few days given to my volunteer position.

I love doing this. And now that I am here in the hotel, I am glad I agreed to do this. But on the other hand, a whole weekend lost to more work related things.

The silver lining is that Hubby is coming up tomorrow night for a night away without a kid. Just him and me. Dinner out, maybe bar hopping for a bit, and a hotel room all to ourselves!


TeamWinks said...

Enjoy your time alone!

Bri said...

It's wednesday - need I say more?!!? I need updates!!!