It happens every single year.

The old calendars are tossed in the trash. New calendars are hung up. Christmas presents are FINALLY brought upstairs from their former home under the tree.

And I get hit by the Organization Bug.

It hit me today.

We got a $500 gift from my parents this year to get our master closet system. While browsing the websites today to check out what specific components we need vs. want, I ran across great home office organizers. The kitchen organizers would surely tame the 2,276 glasses we own spread through 3 rooms of the house. And of course we need the adorable canvas baskets to sit on every shelf in the house to collect more crap. Cause if its out of view then its organized!!!

I must get control of myself.

You see at work, I am the Organizing Queen. Its sometimes hard to find me beneath my filing systems and binders in my office. At home, I try. I really do try. But it just doesnt stick there. Maybe I try to do too much at one time. Maybe I need to really think through what systems we actually need in that house. Or maybe I just need to clean out the garage/kitchen cabinets/closets/etc; maybe they dont need organizing as much as I need a dumpster to put some things.

And so, I resolve to get myself and my house organized this year. But reasonably. I promise to only try to organize one room a day. I mean a week. What I really meant to say was one room a month.

On New Year's Eve, I resolved to not have any resolutions. But then I got an email from CHBM and thought it can't hurt. So this is my resolution....what's yours?


Devilish Southern Belle said...

Good luck! I am in the throes of getting more organized myself, so I know how important that is. Just stopped by via the CHBM collaboration!

Kimberly said...

Good luck! If I can just eliminate some of the stuff from my home, I'll be happy. I'm off to a good start - three huge bags of old toys went out the door yesterday to the Good Will. I'm tackling clothing next . . . .

Bri said...

I love organizing - so much so that I am limited by my OCD husband - he hates that I organize, reorganize and then organize again. Once apparently works :)

Happy organizing - get your zen on!

TeamWinks said...

I avoid resolutions, but wish you all the luck with your own!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Let me see... my big one (like yours) is to organize!! I'm pregnant with my 4th son... my other boys are 9 months, 2 and 3. So basically I'm trying to get our house into complete order! We need it!!
Here's to 2008 and going for it!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues