Doing It All

One of the most fantastic things about being a working-out-of-the-home mom during the holidays is the lack of day care. The place closes from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day.

I love it.

You can hear the sarcasm, right? 'Cause you should.

All week long, Hubby and I have been trading days at home and in the office so that neither of us has really gotten a full week of work in since before Christmas. And of course, this week happens to be one of the busiest of the year for Hubby and for me as well.

Juggling has become quite a talent of mine.

Today I am at my office, working on hotel contracts and organizing all the files piled on my desk. Set up on top of my filing cabinet is my laptop, currently featuring Sleep.ing Beaut.y. My desk is covered with crumbs from blueberry muffins and every once in awhile, I hear the VERY annoying sounds coming from the Prin.cess Lapt.op delivered by Sant.a this year.

Yep, Grace is at the office with me today.

While this is fun for a little while (think 5 minutes), its definitely not the way to be productive. The 52.927 trips to the restroom every hour and the background noises from all the toys and movies isn't distracting at all!!

I dont know how WAHMs do this Monday through Friday!

3 more days til day care opens again!!!! :)


Bri said...

it sucks - it just sucks - but then you get the occassional moment that makes you forget - its like that minute after childbirth that you hold your kid for the first time wiping 80% of the pain from memory. That 20% still lingers though :)

3 more days baby - and then I expect phone calls during your commute to resume :P

TeamWinks said...

Sounds like on hell of a juggling act to me! Almost there!