Dancing Princesses

There are no words to adequately tell you about the adorable-ness we experienced this morning. I am not even sure that "Adorable-ness" is a word but whatever, it works for me. :)

Grace's first ballet class was this morning. I danced for years and have been looking forward to the day I could take my daughter to the dance studio. She was so excited this morning about it and did pretty well for a first-timer!

The class is Princess Ballet so each week they learn basic ballet moves and poses while listening to Princess music and dressing up in princess costumes.

Now, even YOU can experience Grace's first class......just press Play!!!

I cant wait for the next 9 Saturdays. These 45 minutes are going to be one of the highlights of the week.


Allie said...

Leggwarmers??? You bought your child leggwarmers?? :) I'm telling Stephen bwahaha

Bri said...

ALRIGHT - I am FLAT out dying at the utter cuteness - DYING!

I've watched that stinkin little video 8000 times. SOOOOO CUTE!!!

TeamWinks said...

Hell, I wanna go! I want to be a princess and dance around to fun music. Sounds like a blast for Grace and her mom too!

Laura said...

oh my goodness - sydney and i want to go to princess ballet too!

Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

Cuter than the cutest of cute! I wish Maddy still wanted to do dance lessons :(