I realize the video is sideways....I cannot figure out how to rotate it.

My brother adores Grace. And each Christm.as, he tries to find the best gift of the year for her. 2 years ago it was a tricycle. Last year it was a pretend vacumn cleaner cause she is terrified of the real thing.

But this year, he landed himself at the top of the list. The Sh.it List.

Yes, the video is adorable. It even makes you smile and giggle. Now please imagine living with that present. Minute after minute, hour after hour....listening to "What A Gir.l Wants" in electronic tones and sung by Ba.rbie herself!


TeamWinks said...

I have no words...

His time will come.

Bri said...


an electric guitar - good god - does he know that hell hath no fury like a mother forced to let her children play with irritating toys?!

-L said...

Oh my god! She's a one girl band now. Guitar AND drums!

Sounds like you could use some wine :)