What Happens In Vegas Will Stay In Vegas

After 3 meetings at work and a quick rush through DC's metro system in the middle of rush hour, Hubby and I will be boarding a plane to Las V.egas for the weekend.

Yep, I am pretty excited. Except that we will be spending almost as much time in the airplanes as we will in Veg.as. Fly out of DC on Friday afternoon and then back on Sunday.

We are heading out there for a wedding. The bride is one of Hubby's best friends from college. And we are both in the wedding. Best bridesmaids dress ever and Hubby is wearing a fabulous suit.

So, I will post when we get back. Pray that we win at the casinos and that I dont get sucked into TOO many shops in the massive hotels.

YEA----a weekend away just me and Hubby. LONG overdue!!


-L said...

Have a great time! I can't wait to hear about the wedding :)

Bri said...

I remember a promise about pics TODAY!!! as in Tuesday!!! 2007!!!

-L said...

Umm, seriously, update please!

What are you working or something??

Jeez :)