America the Beautiful

Today is......we all know what today is.

6 years ago, I was in DC about 1 1/2 blocks from the Whi.te Hou.se. I saw the smoke from the Pent.agon and was stuck in the city that day once they shut down all the public transporation. It was terrifying and sad and all those crazy emotions.

And this morning, I started my day the exact same way I did 6 years ago on that September 11. Park at the metro, grab a Starbucks, and walk a few blocks to the office building. Only this time, today, I was in thr hotel next door to my old office. But I walked the same blocks as I did exactly 6 years ago. And I remembered what it was like the days and weeks following That Day. Walking through the streets of DC with military vehicles everywhere, greeting the 18 year old solider standing and guarding the office building.

It was strange today walking through the city. Sure, there was a high pol.ice prescense but not too out of the prdinary fro DC. The streets were bustling, the traffic wasnt moving (again, totally normal!), but there was this....feeling....all around, marking the day.

I lost a high school classmate in the war. And my high school sweetheart has been through a total of 30 months between Afgha.nistan and I.raq, The war has effected my life. Today, I remember what happened 6 years ago and the sacrifices that so many have made for our country; to protect our freedom and make it a better world for our kids.

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