Ho-Hum of Life

SO much happening but so little to write about. Ever feel that way? Like the world is going non-stop all around you but you have nothing to say. Strange.

My BFF is engaged. And I am sooo excited for her.

Another good friend is engaged and I am just as excited for her.

And another friend just had he adorable baby boy. After the Drama Pregnancy of the Year, we are thrilled Little Man is here!

Conference is 4 weeks away so that has me working at least 12 hours total a day. Work at the office, eat dinner at home, and turn the laptop back on. I tell you---I am a ball to have around at home with my head stuck in the computer all night long!

Oh, and the most exicitng news...Grace informed us last night and again this morning that she has 2 boyfriends....and they are older boys. HAHA! The look on Hubby's face was awesome.

*Sigh* She is all grown up. :)

Could this post be anymore BORING!?!?!?!


Bri said...

2 boyfriends, eh? That's my girl!

Love the new design.

4 more weeks of hell - then let the margarita fest begin - until next year.

-L said...

I had to blink my eyes a few times when this page loaded...the new layout definitely keeps you awake :)

I would have paid to see B's reaction to Grace having 2 boyfriends! That's awesome.

Allie said...

I miss you guys....I can't wait until November when we're both DONE! :)