Officially Broke, But At Least I Can Drive Around...if I can find gas money

Update: So things happen in threes, right? I have the car back, after giving my card over to the cashier who swiped it for $1054.42. And I also have my annual review in hand...with salary increase meeting this afternoon. Combined with my bonus last week, this is my 3, right?

You know those little lights on the dashboard of your car? Those pesky little ones that mean your car is unhappy and your wallet will soon be as well?

My car will be MUCH happy by the end of the day with new airbags, new coolant sensor, a few new lights, and I will finally be able to open the driver's door from the inside again. But my wallet is depressed and empty and pathetic.

This may be the quickest $1,000 I have spent.


Bri said...

How in the world do airbags go bad?

-L said...

I was just thinking the same thing Bri. Why do you have to get your airbags replaced?

Sorry to hear about your car woes. :(

Allie said...

What?? Air Bags??? Holy Baby Jesus