Angels on Earth and Above

Prepare for a big downer post today. I just feel the need to talk about these things.

My best friend from HS moved to Michigan to help her family care for her nephew. Caiden has cancer. He is about 6 months older than Grace. On Monday, he had his right eye removed to stop the cancer from spreading. His left eye was removed in the spring. I cant help my heart from breaking each time I get an update on his website (search the for CarePage name: CaidenHooks). This family does everything right....they are involved in the church, hold family in the highest regard, and love each other so much. Why them? Why Caiden?

That was the last thing I read/heard last night before falling asleep. It was a restless night.

And then my mom called this morning with more news. A family in Belmont, MA lost their 6 year old daughter over the weekend. There is a family connection....my grandmother and the little girl's grandmother are very good friends. Maeve was 6 years old...her life hadnt even begun yet! She has sisters who she was supposed to grow up with.....argue with....be friends with. And now, her parents have to live their lives without their precious little girl.

I left a message in her online Guest Book...you can too if you are so inclined. My heart is breaking for this family.

So many days go by when I all see is the long to do list at the office and at home. Days that I am so exhausted all I hear is the whining and complaining. The toys thrown all over the house and the half eaten dinner left on the table dont matter much in the big scheme of things anymore. Last night and this morning just remind me how lucky I am and how that luck can change in an instant.

I really just want to go home right now and hold my Gracie for hours and hours.


Bri said...

I'll start praying for Caiden again - I was hoping that the last surgery was it for the little guy.

Thanks for some perspective too - it helps me appreciate all that I have.

TeamWinks said...

I can understand wanting to love on little Gracie. Holding our little man is all I have done since Monday.