Back from the....Not Really Sure Where I Was/Am

Though I have been neglecting you, I have not forgotten about you.

Conference is only 2 1/2 weeks away and there is a TON left to do. Very quickly, I went from a calm-but-busy-yet-together attitude to the whatever-make-decisions-quickly-and-get-annoyed-easily mentality. There are things I dont like about this attitude (it sucks being short and curt with the co-workers in the office) but then again, the silver lining is that I am getting a bunch of things done quickly these days!

Today, for instance.....its 11AM. I have proofed, approved, and sent the Final Program book to the printers-a day early! I have taken inventory of 28 country flags and boxed them for shipment. And somewhere along the way, I managed to get 63 more registrants this week!

So, yes, I am probably going to be neglecting you a bit until the end of the month but I promise...at least a post every few days.

Here is a bit of catch-up on what is going on:

  • Yesterday, I got to take Grace to the doctor's offce because she has eaten in 3 days and has a nasty cough. He says she is fine. Dont you love going to the docs, hearing him say she is okay and the cough will go away soon, and then handing over $20 for nothing!?!
  • Grace recognized the letter A. I gave her an Al.toid (she loves them) and she held it up and said "Mommy, there is a letter A on my candy!". I had no idea she knew what the letter A looks like.

Thats all for now. I must go tape and pack my 53 boxes to send them off to San Diego!

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Bri said...

Gimme an "A" - You got your A you got your A



2 more weeks and we can be friends again :)