Wedding Weekend

2 very excited brides-to-be at the bridal fashion show

Nope, there wasnt an actual wedding this weekend but wow, did we spend a ton of time in bridal salons and doing wedding stuff! What a blast!

Allie is getting married in Aug and Carol in Sept; both next year. Since the big bridal expo was this weekend, a bunch of the girls got together to get some things checked off that long wedding to do list.

(2) bridal salons, (1) rehearsal location, (1) church, and (1) bridal expo (with 50,000 other brides!!). Oh, and the two brides-to-be must have tried on 50 dresses between them!!!!

The girls at Davi.d's Bridal

All in all, it was a blast. Hanging out with the girls....none of the guys in sight...just doing girl stuff and getting SO excited about the upcoming weddings. Even Grace is excited; she told me last night that she wants to try on flower girl dresses so I might just have to bring her along to the next brdal salon.


-L said...

It really was such a great time! And I did spend my evening how I told you girls I would ;)

Bri said...

Weddings are soooo much fun :) Keep me posted on all major fun items - I'll live vicariously through you all :)