Responsiblity is so overrated!

Babies and kids really do have it great. They get to go to bed early every night, someone else folds their laundry and puts it away, Mom or Dad make all their meals, and the hardest decision they have to make on a daily basis is which toy to play with. And when some cool event comes to town, other people pay and plan the entire night for you; all you have to do is show up and look cute. Man, that is the life!

Being an adult stinks. Not all the time (hey, we can legally enjoy a martini!) but sometimes, it just plain sucks.

Hubby and I had to make a real adult decision today. It hurt. It was painful, really painful, to write the email to my friend about our decision. I struggled making the decision for at least an hour. And even now, 20 minutes after the fact, it still hurts.

We turned down free tickets to the Jim.my Buffe.tt concert at Mohe.gan Su.n. One of the best shows Jimmy does every year. And we were going to stay at the hotel for free. And get the tickets for free.

Never mind all the free stuff. We still would have spent money on 2 plane tickets, a rental car, concert stuff, time away from the office that we cant afford to take this month, and not to mention.........who was going to be able to take care of Grace!? Two weeks after the concert, we are heading out to Vegas for a friends wedding. So really, the responsible, adult decision was to turn down to Buffett tickets.

That night, August 30, Hubby and I will make some margaritas, watch an old Buffett concert DVD, and feel all adult-like in our house. And yes, I will be pouting!

*Sigh* It makes me so sad just thinking about it.

Update: It happened again! On the same day. I was offered tickets (with a highly-coveted parking pass) to the Redkskins-Steelers pre-season game for this Saturday. It is one of our best friend's bdays and we cant skip that party.

How does this happen TWICE in one day!?


Bri said...

This is excellent...you had me worried in the intro :P

-L said...

Seriously, don't do that! I thought something MAJOR had happened. Whew! :)

TeamWinks said...

Ditto on the worry front!