Her Accessories Get Better All The Time!

The fact this toy was re.called due to le.ad p.aint is one thing. That bothers me. But really, it’s the fact that B.arbie comes with a po.oper sco.oper that REALLY gets me laughing! Wonder if the toy poo.p is included too!?


Bri said...

as if on cue...

"Are you SHITTING ME?"


excuse the profanity - it was too hard to pass up

-L said...

Haha, I saw this yesterday when I was working on something for the recall and was like "Barbie is a dogwalker now???"

Yeah, what will they think of next!

-L said...

Duuuude! Check out the second pic:


-L said...

grr, that didn't work...but search on ebay for it...there's a pic of how to make the dog poop so you can pick it up.