Crazy is the New Black

So that time of year has arrived. The months that I sepnt more time working than anything else. Really. It started last night.

Since July, work has started to consume more hours out of my life than I really want it to. But this only happens for part of the year so its manageable. But last night, the crazy began.

I dreamt about the conference. Someone was yelling at me because the handouts were printed on pink paper and they only wanted green paper. Ummm, okay. We dont use colored paper at conference but hey, its my dream! Anyways, thats all I remember but it is a sign.

A sign that the next 9 weeks are going to be nutso! Yep, conference is 9 weeks away. Which means so is my high school reunion. And Hubby's birthday. And between now and then, we are in a wedding in Vegas and Hubby has to head to FL for a family funeral.

I cant wait for winter. Fall hasnt even started but our calendars are full!

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KatieJoeandGrace said...

Crazy is the new black... so
SMART IS THE NEW SKINNY! I saw that on a magnet at Hallmark and loved it.
:-) try to stay grounded with all the craziness going on!