My New Motto: Balance is SO over-rated

Yep. I had a blast in Disney last week. But really, I was there for work. A friend and I attended a conference for meeting planners (now, that is a tough crowd!).

Sometimes at conferences, the motivational speakers can be a hit or miss. And coming from a planner, it can be tough to tell ahead of time how someone will be received by the audience. You stand on the side of the stage and pray that everything goes well. The opening keynote speaker at this conference was Cindy Novotny. I had never heard of her and, honestly, figured that it would be another session about finding my work/life balance that always seems to be just out of reach.

About 3 minutes into her presentation, she stood in the middle of the stage and said "You are busy. Everyone is busy. You choose to be that way. Get over it."


I left that session so energized and excited about how busy I was/am lately. It really made me realize that I love being busy, that the off-balanced balance we have at our house works for us, and that I have too many plans (professional and personal) to sit around and stress out about my lack of balance. Sometimes work takes most of my time and sometimes my family takes all of my time. And that is okay.

Cindy gave all the attendees at the conference a copy of her new book, Living with No Balance....And Loving It!. And I read it in 2 hours and am going to re-read it again every time I see a period of craziness ahead of me.


-L said...

Sounds great! Might as well embrace the craziness because it's not like it's going to stop anytime soon.

That book sounds interesting, I may have to check it out :)

Bri said...

I say hellz yeah - embrace it - balance is what happens when we make it through each day. No one I know has the same balance each and every day.