Black and Blue and Disney

First...a funny story.....Grace gave me a black eye. Yep, my right eye is swollen and black. I leaned down to give her a kiss at the exact moment she sat up to give me a hug. Her head and my cheekbone met. Man, it hurt. And now I am walking around with my first black eye. Ouch!!

But on a fun topic...

Last week, I spent the entire week in Florida. 4 days in Disney for a meeting planner's conference and 2 days in Tampa for site visits. No pics from Tampa but there are a ton of cute ones (and hysterical stories to go with them) from Disney. Here are the best:

This is the Disney Beach and Yacht Resort (well, the Beach side anyways). Gorgeous property, even if it did take 15 minutes to walk from our room to the meeting space.

What's a trip to Disney without seeing Mickey and Minnie?! Love them.

Meeting (plastic) Cinderella. I even managed to talk her into sending Grace a postcard from her castle. Very cool and Grace was so excited to hear from the princess herself! And seriously, how fun is it to hang out with Disney characters while drinking a beer?!

The last night of the conference was a Pirate Party, complete with a visit from Capt Jack Sparrow. WOW---he was damn good looking. As you can tell from these last few pics, we had a blast at the party!!!


Bri said...

Between the cinderella pic for Ash and the Jack Sparrow pic for me - you have pleased the entire female contingent of my household :P

TeamWinks said...

Lucky dog! Captain Jack does look quite divine!