I Drank The Kool-Aid

For the past few months, my cell phone has been a piece of crap. It shuts off whenever it wants to, decides at any moment that it doesnt want to be used, and never mind trying to charge it! HA----it just didnt work. It was a cute phone but it was horrible!

Hubby finally had enough (his phone was ruined during the rain at the Jimm.y Buff.ett concert). Today we went to the wireless store to get new phones. 4 hours later (yep, it took that long!), we left with Blac.kberry Pea.rls. Mine is red, Hubby's black so that we can tell them apart.

We are such yuppies!!!

Anyways, now I need to learn how to use my new tech toy. As soon as I master it, I need to figure out my plan to keep myself from being addicted to the email function on weekends. Yea, right....good luck on that one!!!


Bri said...

Oh lord - now I can get ahold of you WHENEVER I want :)

Anonymous said...

Love the blackberry's! I have had one for 3 months and now I can't live w/out it.

-L said...

4 hours????