Dont Lie----You Watch It Too!!!!!

I am such a fan of Dog, The Bounty Hunter.

I know, I know...totally corny. But seriously, that show is so damn entertaining.

First of all, Dog rocks. Beth is awesome; really, she is GREAT when she starts to get mad or frustarated at Dog or the featured fugitive. Hysterical to watch.

What other show consists of chasing people, watching the fugitives try to outsmart Dog and the family, and really, I cant take my eyes off their impeccable fashion sense!!! LOVE them.

And so yes, I am all set for the Dog special tonight at 9 pm. The Dog Story. How he went from criminal to bounty hunter. The TiVo has been set and the beer fridge is full.

Sounds like a FABULOUS evening to me!!!!! :)

I know.....I am such a dork!


-L said...

Haha, nope don't watch this one but I will admit that my guilty pleasure TV is 'Rock of Love' with Bret Michaels ;)

Bri said...

I like "The Hills" - because clearly I'm the target market for MTV's reality dramas :P

-L said...

Oh crap! I missed the season premiere of 'The Hills' didn't I?!

IRS Printing Guru said...

I can't stand Dog!!!

I do like Scott Baio is 45 and single - that is some funny sh*t

But best show on TV in the summer is Rescue Me - Leary kicks butt


TeamWinks said...

Guilty of watching it thanks to Justin. Bummer we missed the special!