Time Travel

So I have been MIA for pretty much the entire month of July with the exception of a few days here and there. But I am back now....until October anyway.

Really, only the last 2 weeks have been any fun. Fun might not be the right word for it all.....interesting, thought-provoking, crazy. Those are better words.

And so we take a little trip to last Wednesday...............

I got home from a work trip late Tuesday night. Wednesday I went to the office knowing that my best friend from HS (we shall call her A) was arriving sometime during the day with her 2 kiddos.....we shall call them M and K. M is 6 weeks younger than Grace (read: 3 years old) and K is almost 2. Adorable kids.......in pictures.

Within 20 minutes of them arriving, 2 toys were broken, Play-Doh was ground into my carpet, and at least one cup of water was spilled on the table. Honestly, that was okay; I figured it was all the excitement of the kids seeing each other again (its been a year or so) and they would settle down after a few hours had passed. HAHA---nope. Didnt happen.

Bedtime took 3 hours........apparently, M and K watch a movie, read 4,297 boks with Mom and then, since they wont stop crying, Mom just lets them play downstairs until they crash on the couch. We have a rule in our house that Grace sleeps in her bed, not in Mom and Dad's bed. Well, that night, I moved her to our bed cause the other two insisted on playing with the dollhouse, all 9,275 stuffed anumals they could find, and even slamming the doors for fun. Into my bed went Grace! And she fell right asleep. M and K were awake downstairs until 11 pm.

The next day I thought would be better. Kind of was. We had a bunch of friends from HS over that we havent seen in 10 years. One of them is famous!!! So cool. SO that was fun, except the house was a mess after a party. No biggie.

Friday was okay....during the day. Once the kiddos were in bed (not quite as dramatic as the night before actually!), A, Hubby, and I sat around with a few bottles of wine and chatted. It was great. Talking about old friends, new friends, kids, plans, etc. At about 2 AM, I realized that if I went to bed, I was never going to be awake for the cab at 5 am; I was leaving to go to a conference in Orlando bright and early on Saturday morning. So I convinced Hubby to stay awake with me until 4ish; I figured then I could get in the shower and get ready to go no problem. Good theory.

Long story short.....the wine hit A pretty hard all of the sudden and walking was a foreign concept to her. I went outside and when I came back in, she was passed out on the floor. So Hubby and I moved her to the couch in the family room. Just imagine me holding her under her arms and Hubby holding her legs across the house. Kind of funny actually.

And then came Saturday morning. I was on a plane to Florida. Hubby was awake at 7:30AM with all 3 toddlers. A was still past out on the couch. All day long, Hubby was alone with the 3 toddlers. A was passed out. All day long. When she wasnt, she was throwing up. The kids were running wild through the house. Almost a week later, I can still see the madness that was my house.......soap crayon drawings on the toilets, Play-Doh in the carpet (again!), the broken umbrella on Grace's new picnic table. Yep, madness.

Halfway through Saturday, A realized she locked her car keys in the car. She called her husband in PA and he drove to DC with her parents to rescue her. Yep, she was in such bad shape he had to drive 5 hours to pick her up and take care of his kids that Hubby had been dealing with all day long.

And when she went home, she took my house key with her.

That is last week's story.

Final thoughts: My kid is the best behaved kid in the world and I am not ashamed to say that in the blog-os-sphere. Oh, and one kid is plenty for me, thanks. :)


Bri said...

This is THE best story ever. And really? Soap crayons on the toilet? That's genius.

And next time we're down - I'm totally getting smashed so Mr. B has to take care of my kid all day. That's the best deal ever. My mom would've turned the hose on me until I got a grip!

-L said...

Wow! Honestly there are no words.

However, I am disappointed in the lack of pictures. I really wanted to see B with 3 toddlers crawling all over him ;)

So-Called Supermom said...

Pictures will be posted this evening from the weekend!!!! Stay tuned.......

Bri said...

Omigod - how awesome would that be if there are actual pictures of mr. b with 3 toddlers all over him?!!?

Laura said...

That story is freaking hysterical! Does A know about your blog?? Hehe!

azure said...

uh oh sounds like my kids. Maybe that's why we never went visiting when I had 4 small children. For sure, we were never invited back...

TeamWinks said...

I would have to say that when we lived close by, G was an extremely well behaved little girl. Just a testament to your parenting skills. Hats off to ya'!