Yep, I am still alive!

My travels are almost over.....and I cant wait.

This week, I am in Orlando at a conference for meeting planners. Now that is one job I would not want to do. I would never want to plan a meeting for a bunch of professional meeting planners. All in all, the conference was great and I had a blast. Now that was due to all the laughs over the random things this particular group of people do (or dont do!). More stories later on that when I have more time to post.

Today I am off to Tampa for site visits of the convention center and hotels. Normally, it would be no big deal but this time, I just want to get it over with. I am tired of traveling, tired of only getting phone calls with the Hubby and Grace (I miss hugs!), and I am sick of spending all my time with people I work with. They are great people; I just prefer my family!!!

More later (including pics!) but now I have to pack up the computer and find my car to Tampa!!!

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