What to wear!

Remember high school prom? And college frat formals? Or even military formals? Yea, they are pretty distant memories for me as well. I miss the days when I could go shopping for that perfect black tie dress and then spend an entire day getting pretty.

Well, I have one of those days coming!! YEA! I was invited to a foundation dinner hosted by one of the industry associations. And its black tie.
After a trip to my closet last night, I realize that the only "black tie/formal" dresses I own are 1) an adorable black dress that I wore to L's wedding and 2) the horrendous Pepto-pink bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding. Yes, it really was that pink!!!

And so, with a friends help yesterday, we have found a few dresses I just might need to purchase for my night on the town. But since I am a girl and cannot make a decision like this on my own (man, I miss those girl trips to the mall every April in preperation for prom!), let me know which one you like best.

My criteria is: no thin spaghetti straps (the girls just dont like them!), if the dress is black then it needs to be different, and I am not spending any more than $150 but if I can keep it even lower than that, great!

And then there is always the dress I already own from L's wedding:


Bri said...

In order of MY preference - aqua, brown, black and white. Mostly because those are the most different from your current wardrobe :P

Beth said...

Oooh. They're all gorgeous. I think I like the aqua one, too. It looks more versatile (dress up or dress down). And you'll also stand out a little more because most people wear black! I like the black and white one, too, though. Good luck!

-L said...

Umm, I'm not going to be much help. I love them all! Although I am secretly in love with the strapless one. Probably because I would kill to look good in that thing.

So, actually, I guess that's my vote then :)

So-Called Supermom said...

L, me too. I LOVE the brown one but am a little concerned that "the girls" wont like it. However the sash in the middle would take some attention off the girls. Maybe its a buy and try item. If I dont like it, I can return it!

M said...

Ok. I'm loving the black and white one-- because I'm all about black and white- simple and classy.
Michelle from the mommy group!@

M said...

YOU KNOW TEAM WINKS in real life????

TeamWinks said...

Love the brown one, but boobs will be an issue, and therefore am casting my vote for the black and white one. I think it's just different enough!