Must go to B&N Tonight

I was at a committee meeting yesterday (yep, I added one more thing to my list of responsibilities---chairing a committee for the professional association I belong to!). And in between talking about committee stuff, one of the girls was talking about a book she is reading.

And now I am intrigued.

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne. Have you heard of it?

The premise is that you will things to happen, good or bad. One of the reviews says this: This book makes you think about what you think about. What's your attitude toward life and what you expect. Bad expectations begets bad results. Positive expectations brings more positive outcomes. The old saying: "the best time to make a sale is right after you make a sale." This book applies this concept to all aspects of your life.

Law of attraction says that people have direct control over what happens in their life soley through their thoughts. Interesting. Not sure how much I believe that but my interest is peaked. So if I simply think that Grace is never going to have another accident on my bedroom carpet right before we walk out the door in the morning.....if I think really positive thoughts about that it will happen?! Ummm, I am sold!

Maybe its worth a read. It cant hurt right!?


Jenna said...

You might have me hooked on buying this book. Or, maybe I will wait and see what you think after you read it.

I'm finding that certain thoughts DO trigger things, especially when it comes to the kids. Like, are they going to wake up five times tonight? Is my older daughter going to upchuck tonight since she has been doing it the last three nights? If I think about it, then yes, it does seem to happen. If I think, who cares what happens, just go with it...the things that I constantly think about that tend to throw me off don't happen, and everything seems normal. I find this so strange!

Raymond Chua said...

Hey, I'm a big fan of The Law of Attraction. My life changed drastically in positive way after I have watched "The Secret" I couldn't believe it.

It's all too good to be true and the whole idea become even clearer after I read "Attraction Accelerator" by Bob Proctor
(you can download it at www.attractingyourgoals.com for FREE)

I'm so grateful to those who involve in making such a great video.

A big thank you from Raymond. Muahh.