Not In My Office Darling!

Today is Take Your Kid To Work Day. Neither Hubby or I are participating.

Granted, not sure the holiday/event/whatever it is, was set up for toddlers. But still, it would have been fun. Nothing would get done at the office but Grace would have loved it! Maybe in a few years when she can sit still for longer than 3.25 seconds. Or maybe when she is old enough to actually help me stuff conference badges or stick mailing labels on 7,000 marketing pieces.

I am a little hesitant to join in on the "fun" of this "take your kids to the office" day.

Spending time with Grace is one of my favorite pasttimes in the world. She is a ton of fun lately. And while at work, I think about, talk about, and stare at (her picture is right in front of me) her all day long. But I dont want to bring her to the office on the fourth Thursday of every April.

Work is one of the few places that belong to me. Only me. There are no Bar.bies to step on, no puzzles to complete, and I dont have to watch Go D.iego Go at all when I am here. At the office, I know exactly what I am doing and if I am not sure I have books to look up the "right way" to do it all. Strange, huh, that the office, work, is my sanctuary!?

At home, I step on Bar.bies, complete puzzles only to have the pieces fall out when I put them away, and Di.ego is a daily visitor to the family room tv. And I am not just me. There I am a wife, a mom, a roommate (temporarily), and a neighbor. I am not just me, the meeting planner. Or even just me, me. No books are there telling me "yes, the method you have used to potty training is the correct one" or to tell me "yes, that meal of pb&j with some crackers is full of nutritional value for your growing daughter".

I am on my own in that place.

But at work, I am confident, put together (I actually have on makeup and have combed my hair in the last 4 hours!), and productive.

So can you blame me in not wanting to participate in this "Bring your kid to the office so s/he can take over what you consider the last place left in life that you get to be an adult al the time"!?!?!

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-L said...

My company thought it would be a fabulous idea to have a giant table FILLED with cookies for the kids today.

Can't wait to see what this place starts to look like at around 2pm :)