A Conversation with a 3 Year Old

And this is the exact conversation that occured in my Mom-mobile after day care yesterday. Serisouly, this really happened!!!

Me: Gracie, did you have fun today at day care?

Grace: Yes. I listen Mi.ckey songs

Me: cue the Disney mix cd that I am SOOOO sick of listening to! Here baby. Hey, its the Beau.ty and the Bea.st song!

Grace: No Bea.st. He scare me. No No No. Dont like this Mama.

Me: Okay, fine. turn to the Litt.le Merm.aid song. Better?

Grace: No. No want Lit.tle Mer.maid. Want Cind.erella. Mommy, I hit you on the head with my shoes.

Me: Ummmm, what? Thats not very nice Grace. imagine me driving and trying not the laugh so there are tears rolling down my face. At least they were Cro.cs so they wouldnt hurt but still.......

Grace: You say I a bad girl. You go timeout when we home. I hit you on head with new shoes.

And this went on for 10 minutes. Over and over again. And when we got home, she told her Dad on the phone that Mommy had to go to timeout cause she wanted to hit me on the head with her shoes and I said no.

Sigh. 3 year olds crack me up!


Bri said...

OMIGOD! That's hilarious! I can only imagine how hard it is not to laugh - we fail at not laughing all the time.

-L said...

Haha!! She likes putting others in timeouts doesn't she? :)

I still laugh when I think about how she put Kris in timeout because he knocked her over!

allie said...

I LOVE that she was wearing the crocs. Matt's right-I am the devil :)

Bri said...

The key question is - what color are the crocs? Because lord knows pink is the only color baby crocs should come in!

Are you anti-croc J?

So-Called Supermom said...

They are "i-will-never-lose-her-in-the-dark-hot-pink", mary jane style crocs.

Anti-croc?! Nope. Except with socks on....seems silly to me!