Crowded House

So it has been a full week now. A full week since C and M moved in with us.

Yep, we have roomies. And I love it!

Grace adores them and actually prefers to hang out with them over Mommy and Daddy soemtimes. M goes grocery shopping. C is a preschool teacher and can entertain Grace when I have no clue what to do with her. There is another adult to talk to in the morning (Hubby and I leave the house at dramactically different times so there isnt any adult convo in the mornings for us!). C and I made dinner together last night and M did the dishes. And oh yea, I took a 10 minute shower the other day and the bathroom door never opened!!! Seriously, that is the best!!!!!

They have only been here a week and we arent sure how long to stay will be. Their house is making great progress so it could be shorter than originally thought. But however long it will be, I love it and am having a ball!!


Bri said...

Adult conversation, solo showers, kid entertainment AND a grocery shopper?

I hate you. Totally not fair.

Anyone want to be this jealous mommy's roommate??!?!?

So-Called Supermom said...

If it wasnt so damn snowy up there, I would totally move in and be your roomie!!!

I am getting spoiled now but man......reality will set in again when they move into their new house.