She is growing and growing and growing

Look how BIG Grace is! Granted, she is laying next to her newest friend, D, who is only 6 months old. But still......she is SO BIG.

She isnt a baby anymore. There is nothing baby about her (except the diapers but we are still working on that!). Grace has her own opinions, her own thoughts, and can hold a conversation with you. And every night she sits at the dinner table and asks Hubby and I how our days were. And then listens to the answer as if she really cares!

But when did all this happen? When did my baby turn into a kid!?

Her 3rd birthday is right around the corner and it has me thinking about all those memories of her first few weeks. How scared I was when the doctors told me I could leave the hospital with my baby but no, the nurses would not be at home with me to help me. I remember those moments where Grace and I would lay on the couch with her curled up on my chest. I could lay there for hours completely happy. And I remember the first night she slept for 6 hours straight. Ahh, sleep returned to my daily life.

I love having a kid. Most of the time. She is pretty independent and it is so much fun to see her learn new things every day. But man, I miss that newborn baby smell. I miss carrying her around in my arms for hours at a time. I miss our couch time.

Do I want another baby? I dont know. If you ask me today, the answer will be different tomorow. Right now, I am trying to hold on to the little bits of baby still left in Grace.

I am holding on for dear life!!!

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