Its Carnival Day at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas! The theme: It's A Surprise. The process: Click on the Random Site link on the CHBM link (its on my left sidebar so go there and check out all the other CHBMs out there!).

My random click brought me to A Mommy Story. Her header reads: Fairy Tales are Overrated....This is Real Life. Oh how true. I love it!

There was one paragraph in her post titled The War Against Mom Bloggers that really spoke to me. As a mom.

Motherhood is an isolating experience as well as a bonding experience. When you become a mom, you're automatically inducted into the motherhood club, and you'll notice right away the knowing smiles other moms give you, and find you can usually strike up a conversation with any other mom when out. But as part of your induction, you're given no instruction manual on how to be a mom, and you find yourself wondering if you're doing it right. Of course, it's hard to ask for help, because society thinks parenting is the easiest, least-valued experience a person can deal with, and so we watch other moms and compare ourselves to them, wondering if they've got it under control or if they're just pretending as well. We're scared to out ourselves as a pretender and admit we really have no idea what we're doing.

Go now and read her. I think I found a new daily read. And all with just one click of the Random button.

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Becky said...

Hey! I was just stopping in from the Carnival. I thought I would see who you found. What a great piece of A Mommy Story's blog! I've been there before several times and never been disappointed! Happy Spring to you! :)