My planner is full.

My Pal.m was stolen in the car incident earlier this month so I transferred all the stuff from Outlook to the good ol' planner. And there isnt a week that isnt covered in meetings, events, or to-dos. I love it.

I am one of those ridiculous crazy people who likes when there is a lot going on, as long as there is a break in sight.

This weekend I leave for San Diego. Its a tough job having to spend 3 days in San Diego at a gorgeous resort/convention center in a beautiful city. I am really looking forward to the fish tacos, margaritas, and even going to the zoo (a work trip---I swear!)

Turning the pages of the planner, it takes 3 weeks to find an empty date (and I am SURE that will only be true for a day or so).

The most exciting is that my break involves Girls Night!!! Yipee! A night out with all the girls and no husbands/fiances/boyfriends. And no kids. Just martinis and girl talk. April 6.....you cant come fast enough!!!!!

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-L said...

Girls night, whoo hoo!! I can't wait :)