Inside Out and Backwards UPDATED

Update: Federal Govt closes at 2 pm and so does my office!!! YEA!!! I am outta here...............

Snow days were the best as a kid. No school. Playing in the snow with all the neighborhood kids. No school. Hot chocolate made by Mom. No school. The plan in our house growing up was 1) get all your homework done, 2) get everything ready to go to school (really just to trick Mr Weather), and 3) wear your PJs inside out and backward. That was the recipe for a snow day.

Obviously, no school was the best part!!!

As an adult, snow isnt that much fun. Commutes are 3 times as long and just because there is snow on the ground, you still have to be at your office bright and early! Sucks really.

Lately, though, the fun has come back into snow. Grace woke up this morning so excited. Why? There was only an inch of snow on the ground, not even enough to play in for her. But she got to wear her pink sparkly snow boots to day care. That is all she needs to make today the best day ever.

Pink sparkly snow boots.....that's what it is all about.


Bri said...

Ashers is digging on those red sparkly shoes you sent! She says, "oooooooohhhh wooooooowwW" and then tap dances on the tile for us.

Something about sparkles and estrogen.

I still like things that sparkle - just ask Ken! :P

Anonymous said...

When I was teaching...I lived for snow days...now they just annoy me...

I see potty training tips...I'm gonna go read them now!