Oh the Po.tty, the Po.tty

Update on Surgery: Hubby went to the office today. Maybe the recovery is coming to an end. Maybe, just maybe, we can get back to "normal" life soon. You know, the life when I am still running around like crazy but at least I have some help on simple things......day care dropoff, carrying laundry up and down the stairs, changing diapers, etc. Its really the simple things that count.

Speaking of changing diapers........I have a dilemma.

Potty training. We are stuck and I have NO clue how to move it along.

Grace can tell me she needs to go. She evens takes herself to the potty. She has the whole thing down pat. BUT she refuses to even try at day care. The peer pressure isnt working; the 2 other toddler girls are training now but Grace just wont try when she is there. At my mom's house, she has no problems at all.
She is even training her dolls to use the po.tty.

#2 in the potty is a whole different story. Just wont do that unless absolutely necessary (read: Mommy is mean and MAKES her try).

So obviously, we are ona roll here. She is 3 years old and I would love to have her trained by the summer.

Dr. Greene has some good advice. So does BabyCenter. And so does Po.tty Training Concepts. But how do I push her across this little threshold? Hpw do I get things moving into the "no more diapers except overnight" phase? I really am looking forward to saving that $100 a month!!!!

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Tug said...

Just came over from SMB,SLT that reviewed you. Read this post, & just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Quit buying diapers, and tell her you did. It worked for me (my daughter is now 27, but was trained @ 2 & never had an accident). She'll know she doesn't have the option. Worth a shot maybe?