Valentine's Day is SO overrated

Flowers. Candy. Barbershop Quartets. That nervvous feeling everytime the florist walked into the receptionist area at the office. Are those roses for me? The tulips maybe? Getting all dressed up for a nice dinner date out with your Valentine.

When I was single, I hated Valentine's Day because there was no one to send me flowers or take me out. I always expected Valentine's Day to be SO exciting once you were dating. It was better but still missing something. Maybe engaged V-Day is better. Never had one. Married V-Day has got to be the best.

Yea, in some ways. There is no mystery over whether or not you have a Valentine this year. Going out to dinner is still possible, as long as the babysitter shows up on time. Flowers at the office? I have never got any so I dont really know what that is like.

Why is it that the holiday focused on romance and love just feels like any other day? This year, its a snow day. So here I am, sitting in the home office while Hubby and Grace play downstairs. Working away. In a few munutes I will make all of us lunch. Then come back to work. ANd then make dinner, give Grace a bath, put her to bed, and probably work some more.

Where did romance and "butterflies in your stomach" and all that go? I miss it.


-L said...

He's never sent flowers to your office? I need to talk to him about that!

Oh and have him make dinner for you, or at least order out (maybe at like 3pm though because I'm sure it will take forever to get anywhere today!).

Bri said...

Ken's probably the LEAST romantic soul on earth. He proposed in the parking lot of an outlet mall while we were wearing our PJs!

But that said- he's shaped up. I put him to shame for two years - I did V-Day up huge for him. Now he knows - he better step his game up.

It worked for me - next year - I say show him up. Shame does wonderful things to a man!

So-Called Supermom said...

I really cant complain too much. I did get 2 little blue boxes from Tiffanys......silver earrings and matching bracelet.

Jenna said...

I'm right there with you...you said everything in my mind in this post. I miss the romance and the butterflies so very much...