Flowers Will Bloom!

Phil, the groundhog, saw NO shadow. Early spring!!!! YEA!

I love spring. Nice weather, sunny days, flowers bloom again. My favorite part, though, is eating dinner outside. Simple, yes, But I love sitting on my back deck, watching the deer in the back field, and watching Hubby grill. And the late nights relaxing on the deck (or even poolside) with a glass of wine and my Hubby.....that's the best.

My grandparents sent us an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas. When it arrived, I thought it was a really nice gift but there was no way I would manage to keep it alive long enough to enjoy the flower. You see, even bamboo doesnt stand a chance near me. Well, check out what Hubby and I managed to grow!

To me, its a little more than just a flower in a pot. Its hope. Hope that plants can in fact live near me. Hope that spring is coming (thanks for more, Phil!). And hope that life will continue to blossom this year for me. I love everything about this flower....the color, the way it looks, the hope it gives me.


So, Spring, hurry up! It is 32 degrees outside right now and I am tired of wearing a scarf!

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TeamWinks said...

I can't believe you managed to keep it alive. I certainly would have killed it in the first week. Black thumbs for me!

The flower is beautiful!