The Nice Peaceful Calm has been Broken!

My life finally clicked together. Everything works. I have a great family with Hubby and Grace, I have surrounded myself with wonderful friends who really are an extension of my family, and have a career that I love.

The last year, I have learned to simply move beyond any crazy drama and stand up for my own feelings/thoughts/opinions. I have become a BIG fan of the "agree to disagree, then move on".

Like I said, life finally clicked together. It took a long time and a drama-filled road for me but I am there; living a life that I love (most of the time anyways!).

Why is it, then, that as soon as I feel confident in my life the rest of the family falls apart? Fighting and yelling and kicking people out of the house and forcing people to take sides. AHHHHHH, it sucks.

And now I am at my breaking point again. I just may have to take sides and open my house to my sibling who will have no where else to go. But all that will do is anger my mother, who is always angry at me anyways.

Seriously, people! Seriously!


-L said...

So sorry to hear this! If you need to vent, give me a call after work today. Or if you need to get out of the house and hit up a starbucks let me know.

IRS Printing Guru said...

tequila anyone??

So-Called Supermom said...

Tequila sounds great right now! My head hurts.............must go home and curl up in a little ball so it all just goes away!

TeamWinks said...

I hope whatever is happening, resolves itself soon.

Bri said...

DAMN IT! Family issues are just about the last thing you need!

Let me know if I can do anything! Once we have a house (if that EVER happens), you can come crash anytime!