The End of the Road......for now

So the time at home is almost over.

Hubby is recovering nicely but he still has a few weeks ahead of him at home before getting back into "real life". Thats okay with me.....I do like to feel that I am needed around here. But there is definitely part of me that is thrilled for the time when he is feeling better but still at home. There are ledges to be hung in the living room, boxes to be organized in the basement, errands to run, service contractors to call for the chimneys/lawn/pool, and..........oh, I am sure I can fill his days!!!

I have been on "vacation" for 2 weeks now but Monday morning, I have to get back to work. That means waking up even earlier, getting Grace and I ready and out of the door, give Hubby his morning meds, and then fight all the DC-area traffic. Work. Return home to do it all again.

With the exception of the countless hours sitting in ICU just waiting for Hubby's surgery to be over, the past 2 weeks were nice. No traffic, no deadlines, no staff meetings. Just doing what I needed or wanted to do on my own time schedule.

On the flip side..............I am kind of looking forward to getting back to the office. For one, I am actually sick and tired of wearing jeans. I want to wear all the suits and nice "work clothes" in my closet. And a small part of me (okay, a BIG part of me) finds that my work life defines me just as much as my mommy/wife life. That just might cause some feathers to be ruffled but I honestly feel more alive, more productive, and an all around better mother/wife/friend/sister/etc when I am at work. I am starting to feel a little lost in this "vacation".

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