Breaking News.........SuperMom has gone crazy!

Okay, so we all knew I was crazy to begin with but now there is proof.

This week, my schedule is packed.........

Wake up, take Grace to day care after spending 30 minutes with her arguing over what is appropriate for the 2 year old to wear on a 30 degree day (nope, a miniskirt dress just isnt going to cut it, darling!). Come home from day care drop-off, wake up Hubby to check his blood pressure and give him his AM meds, make breakfast for me and Hubby, clean up the breakfast tray upstairs and do dishes downstairs, sit at the table to get at least 4 hours of work done from home.


Pick up my CMP books and study for 2 hours (the test is on Saturday so I am in cram-mode). Make lunch. Repeat the cleaning process I just finished at breakfast time. Do more work, study. Check on Hubby at least once an hour to see if he needs any pain meds, etc. Pick up Grace from day care by 5:30 PM. Make dinner for her. Clean up her dinner mess, give her a bath, get her ready for bed. Play with Grace and make sure she is gentle around Daddy. Put her to bed (a 45 minute process lately!). Make dinner for Hubby and me. Again, repeat the cleaning process. Sit down to "relax" (whats that!?). Help Hubby get into bed for the night, give him PM meds.


Go to sleep. Wake up and repeat it all over again.

Yep, thats how my week has been so far.

Somewhere in all that madness, I found my inner OCD-organization goddess.

This is what happened:

Those are the cleaning and laundry supplies. In plastic bins. Organized so you can actually find what you need. Amazing.

Yes, that is the pantry. Again, clear bins make their shining debut in my house. Seriously, I spent 2 hours organizing the foo dpantry into "categories": snacks, pastas, canned veggies and fruit, soups, baking, side dishes, etc, etc, etc.

Scary huh?!


Bri said...

Let me be the first to say "OH....MY....GOD". You put things in bins. Organized. When clearly (let me say that again) CLEARLY you already have a full plate. Girl - you are insane. INSANE.

On the upside - if I were you, I'd keep opening the pantry and blissing out at the sheer site of my food in bins, by category....

Next time you're in the mood to organize - call me. We'll do "martinis" over the phone :P

-L said...

Wow! You are crazy! How did you find the time to do that? You're making me feel lazy.

Our pantry is ridiculous. Now I feel the motivation to do something about it.

Remember to take some time for you :)

So-Called Supermom said...

Funny....but all thi organizing is time for me. I feel much less stressed when the things are all organized!

BTW----bins are on sale at Tar.get

TeamWinks said...

Ahhh, Supernanny's book, page 94-97. Next time you have a second to escape and breathe. Hit up B&N or Borders and check it out.

By the way, love the bins!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Wow. The clear bins are a GREAT idea. I need to do that in my bathroom cabinet. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh! You are genius! I, too, did that with my laundry stuff. And then I conquered our massive medicine/bathroom cabinet with the clear bins. Pantry? Oh my gosh...you are on to something and just gave me a new idea. I'm off to do the pantry now...