Two of Them and Only One of Me!!!!

Grace is quite the Little Mommy. For instance, every morning we wake up to find ALL the PullUps and EasyUps so carefully put away in the dresser all over Grace's room. After a week or so of this, we have finally discovered that Grace likes to pull her little chair to the changing table and use the real diapers and wipes on her Baby Doll. Which on one hand is adorable and great (hey--she is trying to be a good Mommy....you cant yell at her for that!) but those real diapers are expensive!!!

This Little Mommy streak in her just might come in handy this weekend. KB and SuperGirl are going out on the town---okay, really its just his compnay Holiday party but for a new mom and dad, thats a big night out!! And I get to babysit!!!! YEA! 11 week old Dylan is coming to my house and I get to spoil him rotten!

Really, I am SO psyched.

Hubby is terrifed. And excited. He cant decide which right now. This babystiting adventure could go either way---either I love having two, decide I can do it, and baby-itis hits HARD. Or I can get so overwhelmned and decide I am done. Which one shall it be?! Not sure but I have a hope!

When I told Grace that Dylan was coming over, she said, "Okay. I read to Baby Dylan and color with Baby Dylan. He my Baby Dylan??? As long as the big green monster of jealousy doesnt rear its ugly head tomorrow night, I should be just fine. Oh, but what if it does!!!!??
I know its only a few hours but I really feel like tomorrow is the first test for me when it comes to the baby #2 question......do we or dont we? Cross your fingers for me. And I promise pictures.....even have a new camera battery for the occasion!!!


Bri said...

Wow. You'll be like the Super-BestFriend to SuperDad and SuperGirl. I cannot even imagine. Please feel free to call and cry/whine/etc if you need a break :). God bless you :P

charla said...

Hi, fellow supermom. Glad to know others exist! I just stumbled upon your blog today and love it! Especially your list from Wed, Dec. 6th. I'm with you on the learning how to enjoy day to day stuff. Please check out my website and blog: www.mishapsofasupermom. I think you'll get a good laugh if you read the excerpts. And please pass it on if you like it. I'm going to enjoy reading yours!