My Saturday Night in Pictures

Grace loved playing "big sister" for the night. She held Dylan on the couch and gave him kisses and hugges and wouldnt leave his side all night long.

"Dylan, check out all the cool things your bouncy seat does!!! They didnt have seats this cool when I was a baby!".

Grace introduced Dylan to the story of Snow White....though all she said over and over and over for 10 minutes was "Hi Ho Hi Ho".

All three kids...the dog (Jake), Grace, and Dylan just hanging out!!

YEP.....I survived!! And I am even looking forward to the next time I have both kids all to myself!


MotherPie said...

One is none, two is ten and three is a hundred. Someone told me that when I was pregnant with my third. It is true.

But they are cute to watch together and to see interact and develop relationships, huh?

Bri said...

Don't sell yourself short - you did more than survive. Gracie in bed at 8 - Dylan shortly after?!?!? Come on! I didn't get Ash to bed until 9! You did amazing!

kbfixit said...

Hubby is sooooo pissed you had such an easy time... :)

A million thanks. We had fun and it looks like you all did, too.

- kb