Holiday Traditions...NOT the Fun Kind

Black Friday was very successful.....for Santa. But not so much for all the OTHER holiday shopping I have to do.

This year, I was determined to stay on top of the gift buying. Okay, I say that every year but this time I meant it. I was going to spread the shopping over several paychecks and be done by......this weekend.


I am not done. Not even close.

Santa shopping is done. Now I have to buy presents for my family, Hubby's family, Grace, and Hubby. And I have no clue what to get for any of them! Not to mention get ready for Christmas at my house. Its the first time I am "hosting" Christmas Day dinner. Since I am a perfectionist when it comes to events, hosting Christmas for my family is a big deal to me. I already have the china ready and the centerpieces put together. Yes, I am OCD over it.

In between work and family and all the other stuff going on lately, shopping has fallen to the bottom of my To Do List. While Hubby thinks that is GREAT, I am starting to stress about it. Seriously.

I dont want to spend 30 minutes looking for a parking space 5 miles from the mall's front door. I dont want to stand in line for an hour to buy a $30 gift. And I really dont want to deal with all those cheery, happy holiday shoppers (can you hear the sarcasm!?) at the local stores. But without all that, is it really holiday shopping? As irritating as it all is, its kind of part of the tradition of Christmas shopping.

And so off to the mall I will go this weekend. Maybe if I organize myself before then, I can get it all done in one trip.

Hey---we all need hopes and dreams in our life!

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Bri said...

People laugh at me for getting my shopping done by October - but it prevents the craziness of even parking near a mall. Although we still have to run out and get little things for people we "forgot" but I do NOT envy you....

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