Advice from Hubby to Me......about Parenting!

You need to just enjoy a normal day, not just the events. Be happy with the day to day stuff. It really is fun.

That is my husband's advice to me about parenting.


Seriously, there is some truth to it. Okay, a TON of truth to it!

The advice came after a brief, non-eventful conversation betwwen Hubby and I and his best friend and his wife about raising kids. They have an adorable 10 month old little boy. That age was my favorite phase with Grace. Old enough to sit up. Personality was just starting to shine through. Curious about everything around her. But still a baby. I could run errands and know that she wont take off running down various aisles with me chasing her. I could simply push the carrier release button on the car seat base instead of unbuckling her every time we got out of the car. My life, while changed, was still in my control.

As soon as Grace hit 2 years old, it changed for me. Errands with a toddler!? HAHAHAHHAA! Not fun. A moment, just a small moment, without noise........never again in the foreseen future with a toddler who has discovered the "Why Game". And the whining. Oh the whining.

Its not that I dont enjoy the small moments and realize that, overall, Grace is an easy kid. She is perfect really. But toddler-hood is the hardest mothering/parenting challenge I have yet to experience. Its about control for me. I cant control a toddler's schedule as easily as an infant's. Its frustarating for me.

On the flip side, this is Hubby's favorite stage. He and Grace watch football together, have weekly dinner dates while I am in class, and have such a cool relationship. I treat her like a Kid. You still think of her as your Baby. Hubby's advice, or deep thought, again. Well she is my Baby, damnit!!!

Why can't it just simply be hard for me, this toddler stage?

I am trying hard this week to focus on those "every day moments" with Grace and Hubby. So far so good. But honestly, in secret, I am planning the Christmas holiday to every detail............it gives me something to look forward to.

Hmmmm......maybe Hubby has a point.


Allie said...

I think this is funny only in that I was just thinking on the drive in this morning-how can you enjoy day to day when you know there's so much to do still coming? I think part of it has to do w/ our wiring-I mean, even w/o kids I'm constantly thinking of the next moment. You just have yet one more thing to think about...and it's a biggie :) You're a terrific mom-just the other day I was telling someone how refreshing it is that you're a protective mom, but to a degree. You let Moo be Moo, no strings attached. And think of this too-she receives different things from each of her parents-not better or worse, just different. I am so proud to see you succeed as this new task that was thrown on you, and particularly in the past week in awe of how well you've handled all of the emotional stuff. I love ya kiddo!

MotherPie said...

Two parents make it so much easier... usually one will pick up the slack for the other and the child can't exhaust the patience of both.

Those power struggles of the twos. yuck.