My Daughter, SuperNanny in Training

The day has come that we have to watch everything we say at home.

Hubby and I were chatting and I commented that someone was being a d.i.c.k.

30 seconds later, my sweet little girl was curled up next to me chanting "d.i.c.k" over and over and over again.

After explaining that Mommy was not nice and said a bad word while trying not to laugh, Grace sent me to the Naughty Step.

And I sat there.

Until she decided that it was okay for me to get up. She walked over to me and said "Mommy sorry? I wuv wu."

Yep, Mommy sat on the Naughty Step. What would SuperNanny say?

And all this AFTER our first "watch what you say" incident of the weekend............

During the Redskins game on Sunday (our weekly family tv time), the Skins threw an interseption (surprise, surprise! I am a lifelong fan of the Skins but we have some issues on the field!). Hubby and I sighed and rolled our eyes at the tv. But that wasnt enough for Miss Grace.

She stood up in front of the big screen tv, stomped her foot, and said "Damnit, damnit, damnit!".

It took us a minute to realize what she was saying but once we did, it was so hard not to laugh.

Oh, kids. How funny they can be!!!

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Brianne said...

Ash says damn it too. We laughed the first time and now its stuck. She drops a toy - damn it. She doesn't like lunch - damn it. We have my sister to thank for that...

but it is still funny. every time.

I'd rather her swear than hit me/herself/furniture like she was doing a couple months ago.

And really - it is funny. :P