Conference Photos To Enjoy!

Here are some pics from Nashville that the conference photographer took. The first two will give you an idea of what I worked on all these long hours. Th e second two are proof that I do in fact have a damn good time at my job!

General Session happened each morning (4 times total actually) with 1100 people in attendance each time. No pressure, really!

The Grand Ole Opry event is action. How cool to sit on the Opry stage to during the swearing of the new Board of Directors!? After this presentation, we went outside for dinner in the Opry courtyard and back on stage to dance!

See look at me having fun!!! :)

This is most of the conference planner and hotel gang. Nancy (the one in white) had her birthday in Nashville and so we went on a progressive restaurant hop though the hotel. Yes, it was 1 am and yes, those are fabulously yummy adult only beverages on the table!

Me, standing on stage at the Grand Ole Opry at the very end of my conference last week. SO COOL! The circle of wood (see how the stage is a different color wood?): "That circle is the most magical thing when you're a performer," says Brad Paisley, "to stand there and get to sing on those same boards that probably still contain dust from Hank Williams' boots." Seriously one of the coolest events I have ever planned!!!!

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Bri said...

I think I would've done a few bars of the Star Spangled Banner (just to torture those around me and embarass myself) if I was standing on that stage...How amazing is that~!?!?

If you ever need an assistant on any of your trips - let me know! I'm a hard worker and enjoy adult drinks1 :P